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  • 3 Week Jumpstart Kit

    It's time to jumpstart progress toward your 2019 goal. Having trouble getting started or making big progress? This is your life we are talking about, and it's time to stop waiting.

    Coaching Taster. Workbook. Forward movement.

    This special offer includes two, 30-minute sessions 1-1 with a personal coach, and a hefty workbook, full of resources, exercises and challenges. On the opening 30-minute call you'll map out an exciting goal with your personal coach, and lay out a roadmap for the next 3 weeks. Then throughout the 3 weeks you'll be challenged, do exercises, and track your progress in your workbook. At the end of the 3 weeks, you'll have another 30-minute call with your personal coach, to celebrate your wins and create a robust plan for your next month.


    And, this program is offered super discounted. Why? Because it is high time for you to get moving. And this is a great way to share the magic of coaching and personal growth with more people. And I want that for you.

  • How It Works

    Super easy. Super low key. Inexpensive.


    Opening 30-minute phone call.

    We have an opening call to map out your plan, connect to your goal, and set up your next 3 weeks.


    Workbook & exercises.

    You are provided a hefty workbook full of optional exercises you can experiment with to make progress toward your goal.


    Closing 30-minute phone call.

    We have a closing call to celebrate your wins, and map out your next month ahead. You will leave with a clear idea of what is next for you.

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    The Goal Mapping Workbook


    Your workbook. Your roadmap. With this workbook you are stocked with all sorts of resources, exercises, and tools to serve as your roadmap as you take steps in service of your goal. And, there's loads of research included to back it up, and point you in the direction of future readings.




    Two, 30-minute personal coaching. 1-1 with your personal coach. Customized to you. Your coach. Your plans. And a big kick to get you moving.

  • Whether your goal is to have better work-life balance, lose weight, move, find a partner, or feeling happier, this is for you, this is you I'm talking to. Take this special offer program, future "you" will thank you.