• I get it. When you are looking for a career coach you want something to change with your career, and you really probably wanted that change to have happened yesterday. I've been there and I hear ya! So let's get this party going and take some bold steps together to get you where you want to be with your next career move. All aboard, and let's get the career train leaving the station.

    So what even is "career coaching"? For most people, they haven't ever thought about it until the time comes to look for a new job, and then the first thing that comes to mind often is a "career counselor". Career Coaching is a different approach and more custom to you.


    Your Career Coach is in the career change, with you. Your coach is your ally, your biggest champion & supporter, and that challenging voice that stretches you to really push past your limiting beliefs. You coach says let's not take baby steps toward your big, fulfilling goal, let's get creative and chart the route.


    With your coach you will get clear on who you are - what values and strengths you have, get clear on where you're going, and really commit to some bold steps forward. And you don't have to do it alone, your coach is there with you and ready.

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    Your Career Coach

    Katherine Burchhardt

    I understand the confusion, excitement and nerves around exploring a career change - I've been there! I navigated a career change from marketing to becoming a coach and running my own business, and get the emotions and hopes that come with a career change. I have my Masters in Positive Psychology (the science of wellbeing and flourishing) and am a credentialed professional coach. I combine these credentials and trainings with real tools, resources and tips I've picked up from both my own career journey and those of my clients, and bring all of this to my coaching with you. Ready to get going together?

  • Career Services

    Fill out the Contact Form and we can talk about a custom service to fit your goals.

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    Career Coaching

    We start out by mapping out where you currently are, dream up some big badass goals of what you want to be different, and coach together in making it a reality.

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    Career Exploration Program

    Let's design a fulfilling, exciting next career chapter. 6 Weeks and you are on your way to a whole new adventure in self-identity, career and life.

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    Professional Materials

    Support crafting materials from scratch, or updating existing drafts.

    - Resume

    - LinkedIn

    - Cover Letter