• Career Change Program

    a new adventure is calling.

  • Tired of treading water? Feeling stuck? Wanting a next step but have no idea where to start? Let's get started together.

  • Expanding Possibilities

    What's important about this career change? What would an amazing change look like? Who will you be in this new chapter? We'll identify blockers, get unstuck, build strengths, identify values and explore limiting beliefs. Paint a badass picture of what could be possible next.

    Build Your Toolkit

    Get in touch with the tools you already have, and what you need to create. Explore how to take bold steps. Build your materials to create new opportunities. Look at how to make choices and move forward with confidence and agency.

    Making It Happen

    Create opportunities and own the person you're becoming. How can you show and tell the world what you're capable of? Networking. Value creation. Hustling. Community. Logistics. Intelligent transitioning.

  • We will integrate aspects of co-active coaching, positive psychology, and tools & resources throughout the program. Each session will have a theme framing the session, and will include light prep work and follow up. There will be a combination of structure and exercises, and blank slates customized to you and what is coming up for you in the process. During these three months, I am your partner in making this shift happen. I will challenge you, champion you, and celebrate with you.