• Personal Coaching Programs

    1-1, Personal Life Coaching Programs

  • Ready for your next chapter? Let's design it together.

    What is coaching?

    Coaching is all about creating a life that would be fulfilling and meaningful for you. Coaching is done 1-1 on the phone, in two 45 minute sessions a month, and includes a personal accountability plan. We start out by mapping out where you currently are, dream up some big badass goals of what you want to be different, and coach together in making it a reality.

    I am your partner to champion you, challenge you, and take bold steps with you in service of a meaningful life.

    I am a certified professional co-active coach, certified with the Coaches Training Institute, and have my Masters of Science in Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology. The Co-Active Model is an approach to coaching that looks at the balance of who you are being and becoming, and what you are doing, to evoke transformation. This person-centered approach digs deep into your goals, values, and life purpose to deepen your learning, forward your action, build resonance, and create lasting shifts. With positive psychology, the science of human flourishing, we look at the strengths and values that enable you to thrive, and create a full life. I integrate aspects from positive psychology in my coaching to amplify my clients' experience and reflection. In London I researched the connection between physical activity and hope (spoiler alert, there is a link!) and love integrating current research with what I offer my clients. I have over 800 hours of coaching with personal clients, and bring that experience to each coaching relationship.


  • Results from Coaching

    Some of the results clients have achieved through our coaching. What will be yours?

    Career Transformed

    Clarity on what next job to take.

    Launch startup.

    Design own schedule, work remotely.

    Exciting Choices

    A clear idea for what the big "want" is.

    An actionable plan to make it a reality.

    A bigger view of what is possible.

    Empowered Relations

    Confidence in who you are in a relationship.

    Strengthened romantic relationships.

    New relationship starts.


    Clear idea of your values.

    You know what you stand for.

    You know what matters. And you steer by it.


    What happens to get started?

    Coaching is often new to people, so it's helpful to look at what a coaching relationship might look like.


    Free Chemistry Call

    30 Minute Free Chemistry Call to say hello, talk through your goals, options to work together, and see if we are a good fit.


    Start Contract

    Woohoo we are working together! If we decide we're a good fit we put together a plan and get set up to get started together.


    Discovery Call

    Our first session is the Discovery Call. In this call we lay out the landscape of where we are heading and go through some useful tools to dream up some exciting possibilities.


    Ongoing Coaching

    Monthly ongoing coaching and the magic happens. Weekly accountability emails. Co-active coaching and positive psychology tools integrated throughout.

  • Coaching Programs

    Here are the current personal coaching, Coaching Programs offered. All programs are offered virtually, to clients all over the world. Shanghai, USA, Peru, England, you name it. A phone and internet make coaching a breeze wherever you are on life's journey and travels.

    6 Months Personal Coaching

    two sessions / month

    Life is a bit stuck. You're "fine" but want more for yourself. You crave a newness, to mix things up, & to invite more into your life. Let the adventure begin!

    3 Months Personal Coaching

    two sessions / month

    A kickstart to coaching. This program is the same offering as the 6 Months, but with a shorter time-frame. You're looking for a kick to get going.

    Accountability Monthly

    one session / month

    You have a direction and are looking for the momentum and accountability to put your plans into action and make them happen.